Ensuring a warm and cosy Christmas: 6 ways we prepare for the festivities

Written by Ranger Home Care
1 December 2023

At Ranger Home Care, the spirit of giving extends to the heart of our holiday preparations.

As we gear up for the festive season, our commitment to providing exceptional care remains steadfast.

The beginning of December heralds the official commencement of the Christmas season, and Ranger Home Care embraces the spirit of giving with the implementation of our carefully crafted 3-month Christmas plan.

Our festive preparations kick off in September, marking the beginning of a diligent process to ensure that every one of our clients receives the exceptional care they deserve.

Join us on a journey behind the scenes as we meticulously prepare to ensure all our clients receive the utmost attention and support during the holiday season.

1. Thorough client reviews

Before the holiday rush begins, as early as September, our dedicated team conducts thorough reviews of all our clients care plans. This enables us to ensure that our Christmas care cover continues to meet individual requirements, ensuring a personalised and attentive approach.

The planning starts with an elaborate Excel spreadsheet that includes details of all our clients and dedicated carers. The comprehensive task of securing care coverage for each client during the Christmas period begins in earnest.

Our entire team, including our Finance Manager, engages in personal calls to both carers and clients, enquiring about their Christmas plans and needs.

2. Staff training and coordination:

Our carers continue to undergo specialised training to enhance their skills and knowledge during the holiday season, we continue to recruit and train as we prepare for our new clients to join us in January. We emphasise the importance of coordination and effective communication among our team to guarantee seamless care delivery.

3. Festive activity planning:

Recognising the significance of the holiday season, we incorporate festive activities into our care plans. From joyful decorations to engaging seasonal activities, we strive to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere for our clients and their carers.

4. Being prepared:

 Anticipating potential challenges that may arise during the colder weather, and the holiday period, our team is well-prepared to handle any emergencies. We have established protocols and contingency plans to address unexpected situations promptly and efficiently.

5. Stocking up for the holidays:

By mid-December, any handovers are completed, ensuring that both carers and clients are comfortably settled. Medications are checked for the upcoming weeks, care plans are meticulously updated, and family plans are made.

Carers go the extra mile, preparing beds for family members, stocking shelves with delicious food, and orchestrating Christmas activities like writing Christmas cards. We keep a close eye on weather forecasts to ensure everyone remains warm, safe, and well-provisioned for the festive season.

Our commitment to support is unwavering, with our office remaining on call for emergencies throughout the holiday period, only closed on Bank Holidays.

6. Spreading festive cheer:

As the holiday season approaches, our focus shifts to spreading joy. We embark on a shopping spree, acquiring thoughtful gifts for both our carers and clients. Whether it’s Neals Yard or Celebrations, we ensure that everyone has something special to enjoy during the festive season. Meanwhile, the spreadsheet takes centre stage again, as we determine who will don the role of Father Christmas.

Sparkly tops, bauble earrings, and Santa hats become the talk of the office as good-natured arguments ensue. Amidst this festive hustle, we maintain our commitment to business as usual, ensuring that training, onboarding calls, and MDT meetings continue seamlessly.

Every client receives a hand-delivered gift and card, providing us with an opportunity to convey our heartfelt Christmas wishes and gratitude for choosing Ranger Home Care.

At Ranger Home Care, the holiday season is a time to reinforce our dedication to compassionate and personalised care. Our team is ready to go the extra mile to ensure that every client experiences the joy and warmth of the season, surrounded by the support and care they deserve.

As the finishing touch to our festive preparations, we take the time, following our visit, to personally call each and every client and carer, wishing them a very merry Christmas. It is our way of ensuring that the holiday season begins on a warm and joyous note for everyone under the care of Ranger Home Care.

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