Ross goes to the House of Lords !!

On the 18th April, I am going to the House of Lords in London for the Access Awards This is to help people with disabilities to have a better time when they go away from home for a short break.

We at Ranger Home Care can help and support you to go away from home with a home care support worker – if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you. Please give are office team a call on 01252 850040.

In the meantime, please keep coming back to my page in the next few weeks to see how I get on !!

Bespoke Access Awards 2018

A nice song for the weekend I think!!

Morning all,

Its is the weekend at last! Here is a song to wake up too. I hope you enjoy it

?Playing some songs to celebrate the release of Nothing To Hide! Listen on Spotify and watch the video here on Facebook, and thanks for "liking" and "sharing" the song and this live video — you people rock! ?

Posted by Terra Naomi on Friday, 9 March 2018

Rail App for your mobile phone

This looks good to me people, to get out and about on the train in 2018. If you have care and support from Ranger Home Care you could do this!

Making train travel easier for wheelchair users?

For wheelchair users travelling by train can sometimes be a hard process. Emily Yates says she has been left on trains, forgotten by staff. She went to try out a new app in development that could make this process easier.

Posted by BBC Click on Friday, 15 December 2017

Welcome to my blog!

I am consultant promoting independence for life-progression for all types of impairment. With a lifetime’s experience of disability, I have had a range of roles and over ten years of consulting across the disability sectors, I am committed to achieving improved outcomes and encouraging positive social attitudes. My ethos is to seek ‘Potential Beyond Impairment’ both personally and through my colleagues and wider professional network.

I have Cerebral palsy (CP) and I am a full-time wheelchair user, I live‑in Hampshire with a 24 hour live‑in carer from Ranger Home Care and this enables me to live and work independently with support.

My blog will help you discover what we can achieve, not what we can’t !

A holiday suggestion in Hungary

My recent holiday was to Budapest in Hungary. Check it out!


Ross’ interests!

These are some of my interests out of my work. Take a look!


Flat Spaces based in Ropley, Hampshire is a great facility for people with additional needs for holidays and short breaks. Its well worth a visit.

Tom Yendell, local mouth and foot painter who is amazing!

If you fancy experiencing something a bit different, these guys have all the kit you need. Give it a go!


Ross’ day job!

You may be interested to learn what I do as a profession.
Journey to Employment is a programme specially designed to help and support people with long term health conditions who are contemplating going back to work. It is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative, please contact your local Job Centre Plus office.